Turkish Airlines: The Best Means to Travel to Turkey

In January of 2011, Turkish Airlines entered into a code share agreement with US Airways. Codeshare agreements are legal contracts that allow two airlines to share passenger reservations with each other. It allows them to increase their earnings as well as expand their reach such an arrangement is positive for both parties involved.

Due to the fact that there are more flights available, this offers passengers a higher level of flexibility and they can also save money as the deals are usually better, making such agreements also prove advantageous to passengers. Travelers going to Turkey or the U.S. will have a wider choice thanks to this code share agreement.

October of 2010 was a busy month, indeed, for Turkey's flagship carrier. It was at this time that the airlines flew the first Boeing 777-300ER Extended Range aircraft. The airline has ordered 12 of these very modern technological air crafts from Boeing. Actually, Turkish Airlines plans to get into the competitive US and Asian markets and is not hiding that it. To quickly grow all over the world they have long term goals. Everything about this airline company says it is using the highest quality there is. This can be seen by the services that they offer.

This is wonderful news for those who are members of Miles & via a messaging application; these reward program members can get very crucial account notifications and updates. The main thing that is to let members know about their accrued miles this service is meant for. This is a very important service because not only does it have an effect on the member's actual benefits, but it also impacts the upgrade level requirements. The key purpose of this is to give the customers timely info in relation to their accounts so that they can utilize their benefits to their fullest.

As a result of them diversifying their marketing efforts there have been many benefits derived for Turkey airlines. Turkish Airlines rewards programs are encouraging members to upgrade their flight classes as often as possible. Certainly, the benefits are numerous for their passengers as well.

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