Antalya: Best Place to Buy Jewelries in Turkey

The oldest metal known in this world is the gold. It came into use in 5000 B.C. There is so much to say about gold. It is possible to compare its value with only its own value. As in many languages, gold symbolizes beauty, goodness and wealth and apart from having physical meaning in Turkish. The most common utterance used about gold in Turkish is "He has a heart of gold." Gold, beginning from its usage as money, is also used in making necklaces, bracelets, for the decoration of clothes, and in frescos and tiles. In Jewellery in Turkey, Antalya has been the center after Istanbul in the last 5 years.

Because labor is cheap in Antalya Turkey, it is in competition with the other markets.


The carat of gold is stamped on all the gold products. The alloys of gold with other metals increase its degree of hardness. Copper and gold form red gold; silver and gold form yellow gold, platinum and gold form white gold. Pendants and other gold products obtained from these combinations of gold have been rather famous. The most important handmade gold work, which is not found in any other country in the world, is "Trabzon Produced" bracelets and pendants. This wonder of jewellery, which is woven like cloth is produced in the Blaksea region in Turkey, especially in Trabzon  where it was first produced. In Turkey gold is preferred without stones. Not only best jewelry shops but also you will get the best Antalya Turkey Hotels.


In Turkey, silver work was started during the Selcuk and the Ottaman periods as an alternative to gold in bracelet, ring, and pendant, etc. production. Silver has a very important place in the Turkoman culture. The silver ornament worn on the forehead, silver rings and silver pendants with agate are different types. Silver bracelets, pendants, and rings are sold in several shops in Antalya.


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