Advantages of Hotels in Sultanahmet District, Istanbul

The vast majority of those who go to Istanbul for the first time are racking their brains over the question of which area of the city to choose for taking up residence. Their doubts are understandable. After all, Istanbul is unique by the fact that they do not have any kind of center in the town in the popular sense of this word!

There is no center in Istanbul and at the same time the center is everywhere. Any area of the city is valuable and attractive. But for those who visit the city for the first time we would still recommend to choose Istanbul Turkey hotels in the Sultanahmet district. Sultanahmet hotels are the most reasonable choice for a traveler getting acquainted with Istanbul. Here's why...


Everyone knows that the ancient city of Istanbul is located on the site of the capital of the Byzantine Empire - Second Rome as it is often called - Constantinople. The connection between these cities is continuous. Istanbul is Constantinople itself which has just become the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the victor of the Byzantine Empire. But few of those who go to Istanbul for the first time know that Sultanahmet district is in fact the whole Constantinople.

Comfort and service

Specificity of Sultanahmet hotels lies in their compactness. The area in comparison with other districts of Istanbul is not very big, so hotels are built rather up than in breadth. This does not affect the size of rooms; the hotels are not bulky but quite spacious and cozy. Most Sultanahmet hotels are 3 star hotels. The number of services in these hotels is not less than in a 3 star hotel, but the level of service and comfort is like in a family hotel. You will also find the Istanbul Turkey restaurant serving lip smacking food.


Another important advantage of Sultanahmet hotels is their democratic and accessible price. Turkish people are born traders, and this applies even tourism so flexible price policy is being led in the hotels of Istanbul too. It is safe to say that Sultanahmet hotels are quite budget.

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